07 October 2009

*wish list

I <3 Etsy...

by Artsy

by tushtush

by revampboutique

Check out the drawer pulls!! I'm still in the process of looking for drawer pulls for our nightstand drawers. Something like that would be perfecto!!

Crochet Update - I've got about 10 granny square in reserves.. I've been a machine busting these little things out. Just can't wait to have enough to build a blanket.

This weekend was filled with Green Lip Mussels and attempts at Jacob making Honey Oat Biscuits from the good ol' Edmond Cookbook.

They were still tasty, but yes, creaming the butter was the part he missed :) How can you not love a husband who tries desperately to impress his wife by trying to bake - Love it!!


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