07 October 2009

*art class

I've been taking a drawing and painting class on Saturday mornings at Muscart Art Studio-Gallery in Kensington. It's a very nice small class, about 6 or 7 people. I love it, love being able to create and learn from the basics again. I feel kind of bad sometimes, I have a lot more experience and training than most of the people there, but it's still really fun. And it's a nice way to start off the weekend.

I met the woman, Joyce, who is currently showing in their little coffee shop as I was leaving. I love some of her landscapes, sort of impressions of the weather and mood of the landscape. Really lovely..
Her and her partner have a blog - Check it out..

Here is my current work in progress...

Ahh, it's nice to work on a still life. We'll be getting into painting next week... Can't wait!

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