25 February 2010

*no more sleeps!!!

Sunny Day.
and yes!!!
*followed by happydance

On a more serious note...

by keri smith

One more Saturday at the Rose Street Market people! Hope to see your happy smiling faces there!!

21 February 2010

*in four

Soon!!! as in four more sleeps!!!

I'm so excited to see Sunny Day Real Estate. I can barely contain myself. J and I were listening to some old stuff and driving back from the Vic Markets this morning... stopped at a light, I started doing the happy dance behind the steering wheel - very excited!

I've also been listening to Jeremy Enigk's new LP OK Bear. Of course I think it's great. It's been a while since I've heard anything new by him, so I'm stoked. It's a lovely bunch of tunes. His voice is just so soothing to me for some reason. The sound of him and Sunny Day has always had a good effect on me.

I've had a nice day just doodling some new ideas, answering a few emails, writing, de-stressing from the Rose Street Market, and listening to good tunes and the sound of J building me a new shelving unit for my office. Can't wait to get more organised in here. I'll be able to hopefully feel comfortable in here again and not have to walk over things and around my bike everytime I attempt to get a pencil.

 On an odd note... I've been dreaming about...



19 February 2010

*Rose Street Market - Preview

A couple prints of new drawings I will have at the Rose Street Artists Market on Saturday. Limited Editions...

the queen

thoughts on motherhood


ps. loving the Avett Brothers right now.

16 February 2010

*lovey lovey lovey - Valentine's Day Recap

I like to believe that J and I are like any other married couple out there. We can get under each other's skin very easily, but we also have many days where we are all cuddly - you know - that couple you see on the street holding hands and trying to be all secret about their PDAs.

I've also never been one to celebrate Valentine's Day. Bah Humbug! But this past Sunday was different. J got up and made me a fabulous soy flat white, handed me that and a little gift... !!!! Awwwwww!!! I know!!!!


Yes. Those are EXACTLY what you think they are... Barrel of Monkey earrings! Made by UbuLala.
And some very nice handmade non-soap soap (as I've found out recently, that I'm pretty allergic to regular soaps) made with olive oil, rice bran oil, coconut oil, water, lye, and essential oils. Made by Starashan...

He got everything at Olive Grove over on Sydney Rd... (I don't think they have a website!!) But yeah... he's a lovely boy!

After a trip to the Vic Markets for our usual veggie and seafood shop, I came home and made some prawn alfredo pasta. I have to admit, I've never made a white sauce from scratch before. But holy cow! Easy as! Granted, I will probably need to watch my cholesterol and my fat intake after that meal, but it was worth it!! So much cheese. So much butter. So much yum!


Hope everyone had a lovely day!!!

*Rose Street Market - Part 2 of Part 1

That doesn't make much sense!!!

Anywho... here are a couple shots of the actual stall... Hope to see you this Saturday!



15 February 2010

*mmmm. Donuts!!!

This is me. in a nutshell. 
 a frosting and sprinkle covered nutshell. 

Some people go nuts over funny things, becoming connoisseurs in the field of their favorite gourmet foods and wine...for some of us - cheeseburgers, fish and chips, beer, and for me - donuts! It's been an ongoing affair since moving from New England where donuts are a day to day occurance thanks to a plentiful supply of Dunkin' Donuts on every corner. While I rate DD on the top of the food chain as far as fast food donuts, Krispy Kreme fails in comparison in my mind. But the tip top of the craving list is one of these... 

Apple. Cider. Doughnuts.
Pure. Heaven. 
There are a few recipes for them listed here... and as much as I am tempted to make them, it's too dangerous. Enabling the doughnut addict if you will. I think the best thing about these doughnuts is the feeling that goes along with them. They always come along during the apple picking season... before the leaves start to change colours.. before the coldest nights begin to set in. The summer is just about to end and the smell of autumn is in the air. 

It's almost that time of year here and my cravings have begun. 
Please share your recipes (maybe for a *gasp* low-fat donut) so I can stay strong and not pig out!!!!!
Donuts. Is there anything they can't do? --Homer Simpson

*Rose Street Market - Part 1

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day!!! <3

Jacob got me some very cool Barrel of Monkey earrings and some nice handmade non-soap soap. I made some yummy prawn alfredo pasta for dinner... it was a good day. I took a couple photos and if I wasn't so forgetful, I'd have them up by now.

Anywho. The Market went well on Saturday! Even with the rain and chill in the air. Thank you Marky for the giant cafe umbrella, even with the leaks, we would have been much worse off without it!!
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! 

 Woodrow, a friend of Aida's took a couple shots - he's much quicker than I with the uploading.. Thanks!!!!

Aida and I after the rain

Scary zombie mannequin. Creepy as!

Aida modeling one of my lovely neck warmers.

Cutest market visitor!!

Thanks Woodrow for the shots!!
Once I am back at my computer, I'll have more images of the stall and goods. Can't wait for the next installment of the Market this weekend!! Hope for no rain and sunny skies!


12 February 2010

*Rose Street Artist Market this Saturday!!!

Don't forget!!!

Aida and I will be at the Rose Street Market this Saturday (and the next two Saturdays 13th, 20th, & 27th)!

I've been trying to get a few things together, photographs, images, buttons, and a few crocheted pieces.

7x7 prints for the market

4x4 prints for the market

grey neck warmer for the market

I'll have a range of 4x4 inch prints and 7x7 prints for sale. There is a mix of some Holga, some TTV (Through the Viewfinder) and some Brownie shots. I'm really excited because quite of few of these are new - or rather - have not been on Etsy or seen anywhere else.

Also, lots of brand new buttons!!! And of course, with Valentine's Day coming up on Sunday - there are some super stylin' new pink and red brooches that I'm crazy about!!! I'll have to make a couple to keep for myself..

Anywho! Hope to see you there tomorrow!!