25 November 2010

Giving Thanks.....

It's Thanksgiving today...
I'm missing my family...

Missing my Gramma's Turkeyday Feast....
Missing having a four day weekend....

I love you and miss you all!!

But I am looking forward to our own version of Thanksgiving tonight!!
Turkey Burgers on the BBQ.
Root Veggie Chips.
Cranberry and Blue Cheese toppings.
Duncan's Pecan Pie.
And *fingers crossed* my first ever Pumpkin Pie from actual pumpkin (aka not from the can!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Americana Counterparts! Love you all heaps! Miss you all more!

24 November 2010

I love the library...

"Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage. "
image via ImagesbyClaire
Not any particular library, but just most every library there is.

I've been hitting up one close to my work lately and its fantastic. I've only been there twice and have come across books that are exactly what I was looking for. Kudos to the Yarra-Melbourne branches! I think more businesses need to work like libraries actually.

Anyways, I'm very happy about the announcement of this exhibit opening at the State Library of Victoria the 3rd of Decemeber... I've been in love with a lot of the illustrations in children's book lately and this will hopefully kick start me into something good. Fingers crossed!

So, what are you reading? 

On my night stand at the moment :
(thank you Richmond Library!)

17 November 2010

Movember Update!!

Hey all,

I meant to post this last week!!! Argh! Anywho.. in continuation of the Movember fantasticness, here is Jackal's new look! Totally minus the beard, with a hint of Mo'! Bring on the handlebars!

If you haven't and you would like to PLEASE DONATE!!!

Here's to counting down the days until the beard is back!

Wednesday's Wish List - Rustic Holidays

Let the holiday festivities begin!
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3. sejoe
4. PatinaPosh
5. NestaHome
6. Bluebirdlane

03 November 2010



It's that time of year. Movember!
After 8 months of growing out his beard, Jacob has shaved it all off to grow a Mo for Movember!

He's totally clean shaven now and looking a bit alien like - but it's all for a good cause!! Please donate!!
Check out the site here... 

I'll be posting the ongoing mo-growing as we go!