29 September 2010

I've finally begun the battle!! Again.

My weight has always been a roller coaster type battle.. Eating out of boredom, a desk job for the last 2 years, too much drinking and evening snacking with the hubby.. It's all part of the problem. 

Now, I'm striving to get back a little closer to my normal weight - mainly due to the closet of vintage dresses and the threat of an upcoming summer.

I've pimped my iPhone with a couple weight management apps and hopefully I'll have a better idea of how to forge through it all. I'm determined to ride to work as much as possible, and since the weather has been a bit nicer, that's the easy part. 

On the food note - This Friday is World Vegetarian Day! It's a good chance to feel healthy and light all day! All of October is Vegetarian Awareness Month - so, all of you meat eaters - myself included - should give it a try! 

28 September 2010

A lovely warm weekend...

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous. If you were not in Melbourne, I pity you. In the nicest way possible of course!

We spent the weekend mowing, weeding, fixing bits and pieces around the yard. Saturday late afternoon spent laying on a giant picnic blanket with J and the boys drinking a couple beers. The sun was shining and warm. The air was still slightly cool... It was perfect.

J, T and B. Oh the chaos...

Thursday night I took down my exhibition. It was sort of a relief, but sort of sad. It all went so quick! I'll be posting some of the images here, but will be selling some originals and prints on Etsy. I'll keep you posted!!

In other news... Don't forget that the 13th of October is Ride to Work Day!!! I've signed up and am trying to get some of my co-workers to get on the bandwagon!! It's taken a promise of cupcakes to possibly get some people on board!

Don't forget to sign up and get on your bike! 

22 September 2010


It is OFFICIALLY Spring!

J and I spent a bit of time in the garden this weekend. We were able to overhaul the veggie patch and a couple of beds where we sadly ripped out a heap of capsicum plants. We have so much wonderful compost that we were able to mix in tons with the existing dirt.

(me getting potentially eaten by the boys)

I am really looking forward to getting in the garden this year!! 

We have a lot of wild herbs going in the garden as well! Lots of nettle, mint, and of course, dandelion. I made a tea this weekend that was just great! Nettle, calendula with a slice of lemon and teaspoon of manuka honey... So good, so refreshing! 

 And even though, most of garden is getting slightly over-run by clovers, I love the yellow!

And yes, our Aqauponics system is going really well! J has been taking good care of our little goldfish, which are growing rapidly! We had one death in the family, Dead Goldfish Number One was sick for a couple days, but he is in a better place now... 

We have some cos lettuce, broccoli and spinach slowly growing at the moment. I hope these really taken off when the weather warms up a bit!

I hope everyone enjoys the beginning of Spring! 
Or the start of Autumn back home!! 
Happy Ostara!

17 September 2010

My first week back on the bike!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I'm so happy! This has been my first week back on my fabulous bike after my accident. I've been taking easier than I would like - riding to work in the morning and PTing most of the way home out of the city - but it's amazing... I love the feeling of the wind and being outside in the mornings.

My new bell is louder than ever and I love it! Check out the Cycle Style shop if you can. They have some very lovely things for your ride... Especially the bags! But I'm a sucker for useful bags.

Anywho, not sure what the plans are for the weekend, but you should go and check out our show at the Brunswick Street Gallery! It's going for one more week! It all goes so fast, doesn't it..

I've started thinking about a few new projects I'd like to get started on, but one step at a time.

Well, have a good weekend all!! and thank you to everyone for their support this past week!

cute solar-powered girl on a bike about to run into a giant bubble

pyörätyttö - a bicycle and a girl

13 September 2010

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

To everyone that made it out Friday night for my exhibition opening! 
The support was really lovely and slightly overwhelming!

I wish I had taken more photos from the show, but that's ok. 
Thanks again!!!!

02 September 2010

Some salty tips..

I hate using chemicals in the house. Bad for the world, bad for my skin, bad for my lungs...  Here are some basics that I love - I'd love to hear yours!

  • Deodorise and remove stains from wooden cupboards by rubbing them with salt and a lemon wedge. Brush salt away and let dry. Same goes for your butcher block!
  • Salt can be a great cleaner for cast iron pans. Sprinkle salt around and then wipe clean. You can even do this instead of washing it in water, It helps protect the surface and makes it behave more like a non-stick pan.
  • Chill a bottle of champagne or wine faster by layering the bucket in salt and ice.
  • Salt is great for cleaning red wine from materials - like carpets! Which happens to us quite often.. Cover the stain with a pile of table salt, make sure there’s a nice pile of salt on the stain. Let the salt sit overnight so it will absorb the red wine from the carpet. The next day, vacuum the remaining salt away. Using a sponge, dab a mixture of hand dishwashing liquid and one tablespoon white vinegar with two cups warm water until stain disappears; rinse and blot.
image by Laurie | Liquid Paper


01 September 2010

Wednesday Wants!! Happy Spring!

It's finally spring!! It doesn't quite feel like it yet, but just knowing it is on it's way makes me happy!


I love the green and yellows!
Makes me think of the dandelions and clover flowers growing in our yard at the moment.
Come on Spring! You can do it!!!