25 October 2011

The weekend catch up...

... not including my soon to be written love note to the All Blacks - who, yes!, won the Rugby World Cup on Sunday night! I think I'm still recovering... but here is the rest of the weekend!!

Chaos Kitchen. I can't wait to have bench space. And a pantry....

Running out of space. And the celebratory cake stencil!

Lemon Sour Cream Cake from the good old Edmonds Cookbook
recipe below for you eager beavers!

We are suckers for marketing.
Jacob and his Duff, me and my Dirty Granny Ciders (notice the crochet work?) - very nice btw!

Granny Squares. From now (top) and a couple years back (bottom). Such a difference!
And Halloween bunting!

Peabody you reckon? Jacob excited over his thrift find, Bruce being sleepy.
So, yes, a very lovely weekend. Catching up with some lovely friends, baking, thrifting, more pre-move de-cluttering and a bit of Rugby!

How was yours? 

125 g butter, softened 
2 teaspoons grated lemon rind
1 cup sugar
3 eggs
1 cup Edmonds plain baking flour
1 teaspoon Edmonds baking powder
1/2 cup sour cream
icing sugar

Beat butter, lemon rind, sugar and eggs together until light and fluffy.
Sift flour and baking powder together.
Fold sifted ingredients into egg mixture alternately with sour cream, mixing until smooth.
Pour mixture into a greased and lined 20 cm round cake tin.
Bake at 160°C for 45 minutes or until cake springs back when lightly touched.
Leave in tin for 5-10 minutes before turning out onto a cooling rack.
When cold dust with icing sugar.

22 October 2011

Leftovers... Fabric that is!

A few weeks back I decided that, as a family, we should be civilised and have some handy napkins to use at dinner. And as I've been trying to make an effort to finish projects, get rid of fabric and wool and art supplies I won't need, (which is harder than you may think) I decided to make some napkins!

Nothing like fancy flamingos and palm tree prints!!
So, I cut out a heavy card for a template approx 13x13 inches and cut all the napkins to be around the same size. Then pinned down and ironed out all the hems at about 5mm or a quarter of an inch.. That right there is enough to drive you bonkers. (BONKERS!) So tedious, but once that is done, all you need is a simple stitch and ta da! Look ma! Clean faces! and hands!

about a 5mm hem on all sides, pressed over twice and stitch!
Yeah, I know. My stitching is far from perfect, but it's done with love!

I've been slowing collecting old dress shirts of Jacob's, some old pyjamas that I love the print but can't bare throwing them away, and lots of other red and light blue fabrics. The goal... A quilted duvet cover for our king size doona/duvet! According to my calculations... (geeeeeeeeek warning)

I'm going to need a lot more squares!!!! Damn!
Any other ideas for using up scrap fabric? 
I'd love to here your ideas!!

21 October 2011

The Funki Little Frog Shop

Many kudos and congrats to my lovely old friend, Jennifer, who's shop was featured on one of the Daily Etsy Finds! Her work is really gorgeous and I can't even articulate how proud I am of her! She had an amazing amount of hits and traffic to her shop and all because of one email!

Here's some of my favourites from her shops...

Check out her two shops - Funki Folk Art & The Funki Little Frog

Me and the lovely Jenny (anydots) Ambot Babcock @ my wedding.
Miss you darling!

Herb-a-licous Treasury!

Love this one! So inspiring! 
I think I'll go make some soap this weekend!
Thanks Briga!

Fill in the _____ Friday!

This was my last weekend - and will probably be this weekend too. Crochet. Beer. All Blacks. The life.

1. The most selfless thing I've ever done was moving countries to be with the one I love... even though I guess I did it for me as well... I guess that doesn't count as selfless.

2. When it comes to working out I'm hopeless. I'm all for exercise, but don't have the patience for actual workouts. I like to think riding my bike to work everyday, and covering about 125km per week is enough.

3. A woman should always be prepared. Wait. Is that Girl Scouts? Or Cub Scouts?

4. I wish I could fast forward through the moving process. I am learning a lot and am thankful I've been working as a Project Manager for the past couple years, but nevertheless, it's still stressful and nerve-wracking.

5. A best friend is my dearest husband. Seriously, don't know what I'd do without him. We pretty much do everything together, except for craft/girl group of course... But yeah seriously. BHF. Love you babe!

6. I can't get enough of tea at work and The Great New Zealand Songbook. I'm a geek.

7. This weekend I am see above. Watching the Rugby World Cup. GO ALL BLACKS!!!!! Crocheting, cleaning, and probably a little beering with friends... Woohooo!

Have a good weekend!!!

And again... GO ALL BLACKS! 

18 October 2011

For my Mother...

Everytime I hear this song, I think of my Mom. 
Lip syncing in the living room.
Dancing around the house. 

Love you!

11 October 2011

It's all happening!

Like. Fo' real. Yes! It's totally official now. No going back now! The Wellington Move is upon us!!!

  • Our one-way flights are booked.
  • The removalists are booked.
  • The boys have their flights and vets and all sorted. 
  • The tenants at our house have their notice. 
  • Some of the utilities are booked to be turned on at the new house.
  • I've put in my notice at work.
  • Parties, drinks and farewell dinners are filling up our final weekends...
Full on! I love the fact that we will be without pretty much EVERYTHING for a week here in Melbourne. No furniture, no TV, not much of anything! Once we get to Wellington, that won't bother me too much, as we'll have a lot of painting to do. 

So yeah. It'll be a few really busy weeks coming in. And I'll be counting down the days!

07 October 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday!

1. My current obsession is besides planning for moving? More fancy Granny Squares, Pinterest, Rugby.

2. Counting down until we move and making some massive progress on it daily make me happy.

3. My greatest strength is MULTI TASKING!

4. Doubt in myself is my greatest weakness.

5. My life is a bit chaotic at the moment.

6. In high school I was a little misguided. Easily thrown off course. Never quite focused enough.

7. When I'm super tired I crash and burn. I'm an old lady and it hits 11pm and I'm useless!!