30 August 2010

2 weeks to go!

Actually.. Less than!

I picked up some of the invites provided by the gallery yesterday, painted five frames and continued to work on a couple more drawings for the show... I hate cutting it fine, but I sort of expected it.

I'm so nervous! Really nervous! 16 years of the loop! But I'm much more excited this time!

I remember having my senior show at NFA. We were all going nuts trying to finish last minute paintings. This time it's a little worse. Not only have I been working the last couple months, where as before I had an entire year! But this time it's about 3 times the amount of work.

I'm happy with most of the work. Ecstatic with a couple and just sort of lukewarm with a mild touch of dislike of one or two. I keep thinking of pulling them from the show, but I know I've always been my worst enemy and critic. We'll see what actually makes it to the walls!!

Anywho... Happy Monday!! xo

23 August 2010

Weekend Roundup

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

J and I had some good times this weekend! It was very mellow, but lovely...

Friday night home alone, I decided to make a Juicy Lucy for dinner. I'm tempted to tell you what it is, but it's just wrong... Here it is on Wikipedia. It was brillant. Just brillant.

Saturday was a nice mellow day. Chilled out at home most of the day, sat out by the fire for a couple hours with J and the boys. Finally took down some cool old hooks on the back of the shed that I'd like to reuse...

And that was followed by some late-night Rugby watching. I think I'm still tired from that!

Sunday, we got an early start (sort of) and headed to Jelly Bean Bikes. Check it out, that have custom colour single speed and fixed gear lovelies! I'm tempted to get one myself, but I'm going to hold out. I keep having to remind myself that a fixie won't be the best thing when we move to Wellington.

The rest of Sunday was filled with cooking, pickling carrots, and quite a bit of gardening! I've just planted the seeds for some cucumbers that will be able to grow in the veggie patch. Can't wait for PICKLES!!!

Happy Monday!

Pretty Yummy

I'm ready for Spring.

19 August 2010

What's Hot ... And Not

I know the fab Loobylu always took this on every week for a while, but I miss it...

What's hot?

At the moment, I am loving Twitter! I know! Who would have thought! It's been a great tool to really connect with people. Facebook is all fine and dandy, but with twitter I've been able to connect with heaps more artists and crafters locally and around the globe. Maybe it's just me.. But yeah hot!

Also EXTREMELY hot, True Blood!! Have you been watching the new season??? You should...

Elections. Hoping something wonderful happens and Tony Abbott is NOT voted in.

Not Hot...

Painkillers, Anti-inflammitories, and swollen knees.

Missing my bike heaps as I have been having to take public transport everyday to work now.

Elections. The slander. The commercials. The press. Tony Abbott. Speedos.

18 August 2010

Wednesday's Wants

A couple weeks ago when J and I were out searching for an Aquaponics pump, I came across seahorses for sale.. I think I stood there for about 20 minutes just watching them... 

16 August 2010

Recent Etsy Treasury Listings

I've totally spaced out putting up some recent Treasury listings on Etsy!!

alice print listed thanks to godo

chemist print listed thanks to lydiasvintage

vintage passionfruit print button listed thanks to tomatotots

the queen print listed thanks to AmcPoelmanDesign

Thanks heaps!!!

Recovery Day who knows...


Last week I went into my surgeon’s to have him take out all of the extra bits and pieces left in my nose.. Gross! And Ouch! But as soon as he was done, I could actually breath in and out of the left nostril! I know it sounds stupid, but holy cheese and crackers! What have I been missing all these years!

That’s what I get for playing sports… getting kicked in the face with soccer cleats when I was goalie, playing a forward for basketball and getting smacked in the face how many times, a bit of volleyball, lacrosse…

And let’s not forget the amount of mosh pits and stage diving… I can’t believe I waited so long!

Anyway, it all good in the hood…Bruising from the accident has mostly subsided, but still having problems with my foot, but I expected that. And the bruise from my IV has finally started to fade. Exciting times, I tell ya!

J is still working on the aquaponics system. He’s in the business of tweaking and fine tuning like a madman. And I know he is getting a little annoyed, but he’ll get there in the end.

The last couple weeks I’ve had off from work due to the accident and surgery, so I’ve been able to play house-wife. Its been a nice change from the chaos and stress at work. I’ve been drawing for the upcoming show and have made a lot of progress. I have about 10 drawings ready to be framed. I’m pretty happy with them. I would like to bust through another 5 in the next few weeks. We’ll see though. It’s tough to get something that I am truly happy with.

I think I’m enjoying drawing again, fully. Much more so than photography. Photography always seemed too easy. I look at the ratio of good photos to bad versus the good drawings to bad and I know I still can progress a lot more in my drawing and that is what seems to be driving me.

Anyway. Loving it!
So Happy Monday!

11 August 2010

Wednesday's Wants

I love Etsy. I love almost anything red. Have you seen our kitchen? 
Even better, all of these sellers are Australia based... No guilt on shipping! 

 via interrobang

09 August 2010

Recovery Day 6

Well, all is well in septoplasty world except for the giant bruise that's decided to pop up from the IV that was in my hand. I have my appointment in a couple days to remove all the random bits and pieces. Splits, any thing else they may have forgotten..

I've noticed how short of breath I've been getting though. Today I was on the phone to the TAC and later to one of my co-workers, and had to catch my breath as I spoke. And also tonight J and I took the boys around the dog park *crutchless!!* and I was seriously breathless on the third lap. I feel like a smoker again...

Anyway. That's all for now...

Can't wait...

... to get back on my bike ...

Went to my GP today to have my knee looked at. And my toe. Fractured toe for sure. Still a lot of swelling in my knee. I can't go to physio yet. I can't do any massive amounts of exercise. Taking it easy is boring.

08 August 2010

Recovery Day 5

Today was my first day out in what feels like years.

I went (without my crutches) with J to Mitre 10, Kiwi Koncern, got a pie and then headed to the nursery to pick up a couple seedlings and to the market for groceries.. Came home and I basically passed out on the couch. Exhausted. I never knew such simple things could really take it out of me.

My nose is looking ok. I have noticed the swelling go down a lot, and Thursday I go in to have the surgeon look it all over. Hopefully after that, I’ll have a bit better time with it all. I hate not being able to smell or taste or anything. I love food. I miss it.

I had a lovely time it all up yesterday. Grossest thing ever… cotton swabs, saline and ewwwww. I won’t go into details…

Tomorrow morning, I head to my GP to have my knee looked at. So hopefully, nothing too awful there. I’ll probably be heading to physio again on a regular basis, but it should be covered, or at least reimbursed by TAC. Fingers crossed.

So anywho, at the nursery, we ended up leaving with seedlings, a fern tree, a new feijoa, and a bay tree. Yeah. Wasn’t expecting that! But all good. J planted everything when we got back. The seedlings are in the aquaponics system, which I think he’s got nailed down now! Well, except for the fish… no fishy-fish as of yet. He has the watering system on a timer, so this will be the first week it will be totally up and running. So happy! Can’t wait to see how it all works!

Anywho, I hope everyone had a good and safe weekend!!

06 August 2010

Recovery Day 3

The packs in my nose are dissolving.

Hideous. Just absolutely disturbing.

I desperately want to blow my nose. And the best part??? The right side – aka the side I could breathe out of is breaking down first. After all this and I still have yet to breathe out of my left side… sigh* I’m sure it will improve. But you know me, too damn impatient.

The headaches are getting to be only slightly less annoying. I still have to pop a good four Panadol a day, along with the antibiotics, and my regular meds.

But something good – because I can barely taste anything, I’ve cut a lot of the sugar and salt out of my diet. Not to mention, I haven’t drank any alcohol. What’s the fun of drinking wine, cider, beer or port if you can’t even taste it?? Well, hold on.. I know the answer to that. But you know what I mean.

Fingers crossed I’ll be good to leave the house for a short time tomorrow to do some grocery shopping and maybe go with the boys to the park if it’s nice enough.

Sorry for the boring as posts. This is what happens when I'm house-bound...

05 August 2010

Recovery Day 2

I know I should probably be more sleepy than I am. And I know by the end of my two weeks, I’ll be going something fierce along the lines of stir-crazy. But hey, who can argue with wanting to get a couple loads of laundry done and some vacuuming.. It’s not all bad.

Anyway. From what seems to be a successful septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery, everything is going pretty normal. My face is a lovely amount of swollen, my eyes have NOT gone black and blue yet, fingers crossed they won’t. My nose is like a dripping faucet, a combination of blood and whatever else has decided to join it’s presence. I know. Gross. It feels like I have a really really bad head cold. It’s weird and extremely hard to stop myself from blowing my nose. Or sniffing. Or anything.

The headaches I can do without. It’s like I’ve had a hangover for the past two days now. Headaches, slightly on the migraine side of it. Light is tricky, sounds need to be low. But my ears feel plugged up at the same time. Oh the dilemmas.

J notice last night, that my nose is slightly straighter. Which is kind of cool. Once the swelling goes down, it will probably be more noticeable, but to see it already is pretty funny. My nose was always just sort of smooched to one side. Which of course was part of the problem – ya know – breathing and all…

Anyway. As I am starting to figure out, the screen on my computer can only be dealt with in small doses, that is my cue to get some more Panadol and juice.

Thanks everyone who has been keeping me in their thoughts!!! 
I can’t even begin to thank you all!