16 September 2011

Week One in Wellington.

Back in New Zealand.

Early for the Rugby. South Africa vs. Wales RWC 2011.

Slightly cold and damp before the match.

Wellington from the dog park.

Lucy Dog.

Our soon to be 'hood.

Kia Ora. 

Soooooooon! Not that I am stalking our house or anything...

After the hail storm...
We've had a good first week here in Wellington. I've had some time to get myself a little more acquainted with a great city. So far - some place that I love ...

  • Wellington City Library - This is an amazing library. Everyone, including the staff of the Citizen's Advice Bureau, is so helpful and nice. There is an immense amount of resources, books, periodicals, videos, and music. Of course having a view of the harbour while looking up some great craft books or some fiction is always inspiring. And access to the CBD's free wi-fi connections is always helpful for emailing your mother from far, far away whilst sipping your soy flat white... (Did you get the email Mom??)
  • Minerva (Cuba Street) - THE Textile Bookshop that everyone should stop if they are in Wellington. They have the largest and best selection of craft, fabric, knitting, textile, fashion... the list goes on... that I have seen in this hemisphere! And of course, seeing the Meet Me at Mike's book there will make everyone's day back in Melbourne!
  • Knit World (Cuba Street) - So many choices! So many colours! So many ideas! While they have a lot of imported wools, they have a lot of New Zealand made wools that may be pure merinos, or a mix - check out the merino-possum-silk blends! Fascinating! 
  • SaveMart - As a seasoned thrifter, I cannot recommend this shop enough! We were able to hit up the Porirua store and I was quite impressed. Think Savers on Sydney Road, but about 50% larger and just as cheap! I was able to pick up a couple vintage dresses (from the costume section of all places) and a pair of jeans for about $35.00 NZ. Brilliant! I think I'll be making the drive out to Porirua on a regular basis!
  • Vincent's Art Workshop - Now THIS is a great place! Vincent's is an open studio where you can use their space and have access to their art supplies during most business hours. Every Thursday is a Women's Only Day, this is when I was able to pop in to check it out. There is such a huge sense of community that is just astounding. They do have certain classes and workshops that you can attend for a small fee, and there is also at least two tutors on hand to help. I was very excited to see they have a woodworking shop, clay and pottery and their own kiln, mosaics, painting, drawing and a whole heap of other things to get your hands dirty. I'm going to try and attend a couple of their life drawing classes in the next couple weeks. 
  • The French Art Shop - The best way to describe this art shop is stated on their website... "A cross between a chemist shop and a lollie shop for artists." How true is that statement? Oh so very! After just popping into Gordon Harris's up the road, I came across the French Art Shop and  found myself in love. 

And on a silly note - yesterday while on our way to an appointment, we saw the Springbok Prop, Tendai Mtawarira aka BEAST hanging out on the streets of Lampton Quay! Very cool to see some international Rugby players around town! Loving this city right now!

07 September 2011

Upcycling a set of Chairs

Jacob found these four amazing chairs on the street a couple months back. Since then, he has stripped them clean of any upholstery (which there were layers of), tacks, nails stuffing, springs, webbing... not to mention dust and  more mouse poo then most people can handle. 

He has done such a nice job so far! We're finally giving them a good sand, and just last weekend we were able to replace some of the supports that were missing. 

The sanding will keep us going for a while, not to mention filling in all of those holes from the gazillions of nails taken out. Not to mention, staining and varnishing. Then - yes - then I get to find the perfect fabric. Can't wait to have them around a big table (that we haven't built yet) in our new house in Welly!!!

New Addictions - Pinterest

Ok. I love Social Media, well, most Social Media. Linkedin does my head in, even though I know I should get on it. I've recently signed up on Google+, which is fine but I always forget I did sign up in the first place.

But then - there was Pinterest.

I'm really loving the sharing and the ideas and the make believe feeling of being creative when only you're borrowing other people's ideas... either way. Lovin' it.

Come visit and share some ideas!

05 September 2011

Lovely Sunny Weekends... and Father's Day!

according to my iPhone.

A good morning cuddle & Father's Day with the boys.
Little Bruce on the Prairie & making new supports for the chairs.
Still Granny Squaring away & a Sunday Osso Bucce in prep.

We hope everyone had a good weekend!
And everyone has a good Monday!!!!

02 September 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday...

1. My most prized possession is, besides are handsome dog-boys, probably the photos I have of my father. There are a few painting and photographs around the house that I would grab in a fire, but the photographs of my Dad and my family are probably the most important. 

2. If I could be one age for the rest of my life, I would want to be 35. Yeah silly I know. But I'm loving my age right now. I love the way my life is finally panning out. The plans for the

3. The best way to spend a weekend is as relaxed as possible, maybe getting a few things done around the house, a little drawing, a little crafting, a little homemade cooking, and joining some lovely peeps for a drink or two...

4. My outlook on life is so positive right now. I'm counting down days until we leave for NZ for the Rugby and then only more days to count until we are over for good! Life is defiantly filled with heaps of positivity at the moment. Bring it!

5. If you want to annoy me just look down at your iPhone while crossing the bike-path or the street, walking or even just getting in my way while not paying attention to the fact that, YES, there are other people in this world around you. (rant done. for now)

6. I am completely defenseless when it comes to wine. Seriously. It sounds bad, but I love love love a really good wine, with a tiny bit of very dark chocolate. But honestly, well designed books, good fonts, and gorgeous simple design. My world stops for a few minutes when out of the corner of my eye I see something that I would like to buy, but never will.

7. When dressing for the day one should check the weather?