30 March 2010

*on blogging...

Here it is.
A blog about blogging. Or rather the obligatory “Why I Blog” post.

I was scanning some random blogs this morning on my tea break and found some of those questions that I always used to answer on my blogs – you know the ones. How many tattoos do you have? A few (understatement) Favourite drink? Soy flat white (or a good red) Do you regret anything? I'm not going there... You get the idea.

But one I came across that made me think was “Why do you blog?”


I've been writing my whole life. Mostly journals and short stories from the time I was 13. When I was 21, I began writing more than ever, about anything and anyone. A friend helped me set up a web page, as xredeemedx, to start publishing my random thoughts. I was so emo. So straightedge. There are no two ways about it. I lived alone at the time. I would spend all night writing and listening to music until my eyes were swollen from crying or until the sun came up. I would then take a walk to the river, get a coffee and sit on the dock and breath in the new day.

It was therapy I suppose. I had just lost my dad, had a couple bad break ups and lots of broken hearts. It was my outlet. I didn't keep it up as much as I would have liked, but whenever I started to feel myself slip into the deep end, I would let my toes sink in for a short while, let the sadness envelop me and write for a couple days. But never enough to send me off to the loony bin.

As years have gone on, and as I have moved about a million times, further and further away from my family and friends, I still write. Mostly to let them know what's happening. I guess it's gone from writing normal emotional poems and journals to a normal posting of daily nonsense in hopes to make myself famous. Right?

Anywho. Long live xredeemedx! My alter-emo-ego.

29 March 2010

*inspired by...

Currently reading - We Took to the Woods by Louise Dickinson Rich.

I’m usually pretty apprehensive about reading memoirs. The last handful I have read I just had the hardest time getting through them. I am always plagued by my own brains thoughts I wish I could write to the author - “and you thought someone would actually want to read this?” I know it is a harsh comment, it’s safe to say I read more for escapism.

But the way Rich wrote is just lovely. There is a bit of dry sarcasm that is right up my alley. Her knowledge of the wilderness and love of the land really comes from being thrown into it. She takes on local pride and jumps the boundaries of the kept woman in the wild. Strong and able, she takes on so much herself and is able to look at everything, including not having enough food to last winter, as an adventure.  

We Took to the Woods was written and first published almost 70 years ago, but you would never know. For all I like to imagine, there is still a family living in the wilderness of Northern Maine, suffering through winter and loving the short summer, and happy about it.

I used to go camping quite often as a kid, I was even a Girl Scout. We would spend weekends in remote areas with no running water, having to put on raincoats and boots to get to the latrine. Cabins would remain cold even in the summer months, damp and bitter in the winter. In front of the fireplace was where you always wanted to be. The smell of a woodstove, the feel of your woolen covered feet sliding around inside your boots and the exhaustion after a day of hiking through the trees that were older than anyone could remember. That is the life.

So, as I read this book, I am brought back to a place I have missed so very much. A place that only seems to be in my mind now - somewhere surrounded by trees and snow, the smells of the woods and of the wet mud sprouting new life. I know it still exists, somewhere. 

That’s it.
I need to go camping.

24 March 2010

*east coasting

Back in Melbourne... 
Long flights, sleepness nights, a little drinking, roller skating, incredible friends and my beautiful family. 

Hello Boston. I've missed you!

The most fab friends come to visit!

The ceiling makes me happy.


I didn't fall at all!! Lucky socks helped. 

Family night... Playing a version of Trivial Pursuit printed in 1981. Not fair.

Gorgeous Sisters

Gas fires keep us warm while giggling about crazy waitresses.

Some nice alone time at Watch Hill.

More roller nights....

Happy Spring!!!

the 'rents.

my lil bro.

lill big sis and billy.

gorgeous nikki.

good morning australia. 

To all my family and friends back home...
Missing you heaps!! 

15 March 2010

*new england spring

It's beautiful.

I forgot how much I love Boston.
Forgot how much I love the New England Coastline.

Happy to see my family.
My friends that are making a special trip to see me. Pure happiness.


04 March 2010

*keep calm and ride on...

I have been riding my (new, fancy, super cute) bike to work as much as possible. It's so amazing. Yeah, I know the exercise is good for me.. but there is something else..

                                           The feeling that maybe I can make up for all those years of driving. I've been driving since I was 16 and now over 16 years later, I feel like I have some catching up to do. I know my husband is proud of me, but I'd like to think my Dad would be too.


03 March 2010

*stunning engagement photos

Gorgeous Engagement photos
by Sloan Photographers in Arizona...


Came across these this morning looking for pretty things.. Great simple style. Inspiration for not only photography, but love and life in general. 

Nice and Simple.

01 March 2010

*first day of autumn inspiration & muffins


It's the first day of autumn here and that is exactly what it feels like. Still a little warmth coming up from the streets, but a cooler breeze starts to come up through the laneways.
I love baking when the weather gets cooler. I made these about two weeks ago, and will be making more tonight... Yum for the white chocolate and raspberry muffins!


*five sleeps

until I leave for a little trip to the US!!

I've had to check with all of the baggage allowances for about 4 different airlines.. what a hassle! I'll have to pack light, which normally isn't a problem, but is it really necessary to charge $50 USD if the ONE bag you are allowed to take on is over 23 kg? It's so frustrating! I know I will be coming back with heaps of stuff as I'll be hitting all the old hometown Salvo's and Goodwills. I guess it's probably cheaper than shipping things back though. Hmmm... 23kg of vintage clothes... I guess it's not THAT bad :)

I was travelling quite often about 10-12 years ago and not having to pay for luggage. Not having to pay for peanuts and soft drink. And not having to pay a million dollars for a quick cross country flight. I know I'm really starting to sound like my Grampa.. back in MY day.. Yeah, I know. But honestly, I'd be happy to pay more if the service was better, if the staff was nicer and there was better time management with flights.

Sorry this is me having a whinge.

Anyway. I'm so excited to see the the family! One of my best girlfriends is making a quick trip out to visit as well! So excited! Haven't seen her since her wedding last year, and haven't seen my family since my wedding almost 2 years ago. And then the family in Chicago... I haven't seen them in two and half years! Time flies.

I still love these photos... They are probably about 6 years old now! At least! I love my family. Miss them heaps!