07 October 2009

*inspiration - diane arbus

Back a few years ago, the Walker Art Centre had the fabtabulous Diane Arbus exhitbit. A friend and I went to the free late night and I was just fascinated.

I love that some artists see true beauty in mundane things. They see the innocence and purity of people and somehow are just amazing enough to be able to capture it on film.

Her images are just stunning, some of them are very in your face, sometimes can make you feel a little on edge - like you've seen the insides of someone's soul and it's something you almost feel guilty about.

Some of her work is so well known, but others I had never seen before.

Enjoy and feel awkward...




Diane Arbus - Young Couple on a bench in Washington Square Park, NYC 1965

This image is one of my favorites. I can't help my smile when I see this image. Just beautiful... xo

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