23 January 2010

*this weekend...

Looking forward to a weekend home with my Mr. Timmy..
Our plans include...

  1. Reading the next Sookie Stackhouse book.
  2. Crocheting at least one or possibly two more neck warmers for the market.
  3. Block mounting some prints.
  4. Start a new drawing ... patiently waiting on inspiration...
  5. Go for a couple walks. 
  6. Have the gals over for mid afternoon drinks. 
  7. Working Monday.
  8. Australia Day on Tuesday. 

That's a long list. I better get a move on!!! Have a good weekend!

14 January 2010

*a new want... no possibly a need :)


I had a quick chat to a client today who dropped off some film to be scanned... This is her new baby and her photos were just lovely!! Yep. Me want.

If anyone is feeling generous... you can find it here... Pretty reasonable considering what they are charging for Holgas these days (which just kills me!!) ie. girlfriend goes to NZ to visit her family for the holidays, comes back with scary news - Holgas are over $250 in NZ.... Unreal! I got my first one probably over 10 years ago now and paid all of $20 each. I bought two... how could I resist? I gave one away to a friend, but still have one. I'm heading back to the states in a month or so and am going to check out the Lomo/Holga/Diane details while I'm there. Ahhhh.... Can't wait!!!!

10 January 2010

*The Rose Street Artist Market

I will be at the Rose Street Artist Market with the lovely Aida Sabic on the 13th, 20th and 27th of February!!

I'm so excited to be there!! This will be a first for me.. But yeah, bring it :)

I'll have some funky little buttons, quite a bit of my photographic work, TTV and Holga prints, and I'm actually working on a few drawings and a couple small paintings as well. Crazy!!! Anyway, hoping it's not as hot as it's been this weekend! Fingers crossed!