07 October 2009

*latest inspiration

I've been feeling my crafty side starting to take over again. After getting back from a great trip to Minneapolis for my good friend Lisa and Chris's wedding, I feel inspired.
We stayed with another good friend, Shelley, who showed me a few basics crochet stitches.. and now I'm hooked... Ha! Oh my humor!

I'm still learning a lot of the basics and borrowed a couple books from my library. So far - kudos to The Happy Hooker!

I've been reading a lot of creative blogs lately that have really motivated me to start doing more.
Meet Me at Mike's

Also, the 16th of July I'll be taking some drawing and painting classes in Kensington - Should be interesting. I haven't had proper art classes since I was 19. I attended a Art Uni and had no luck there. This is a private gallery that just has classes now and then, so I'm hoping this will change my tune and I'll start drawing more.

Fingers Crossed!

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