08 August 2010

Recovery Day 5

Today was my first day out in what feels like years.

I went (without my crutches) with J to Mitre 10, Kiwi Koncern, got a pie and then headed to the nursery to pick up a couple seedlings and to the market for groceries.. Came home and I basically passed out on the couch. Exhausted. I never knew such simple things could really take it out of me.

My nose is looking ok. I have noticed the swelling go down a lot, and Thursday I go in to have the surgeon look it all over. Hopefully after that, I’ll have a bit better time with it all. I hate not being able to smell or taste or anything. I love food. I miss it.

I had a lovely time it all up yesterday. Grossest thing ever… cotton swabs, saline and ewwwww. I won’t go into details…

Tomorrow morning, I head to my GP to have my knee looked at. So hopefully, nothing too awful there. I’ll probably be heading to physio again on a regular basis, but it should be covered, or at least reimbursed by TAC. Fingers crossed.

So anywho, at the nursery, we ended up leaving with seedlings, a fern tree, a new feijoa, and a bay tree. Yeah. Wasn’t expecting that! But all good. J planted everything when we got back. The seedlings are in the aquaponics system, which I think he’s got nailed down now! Well, except for the fish… no fishy-fish as of yet. He has the watering system on a timer, so this will be the first week it will be totally up and running. So happy! Can’t wait to see how it all works!

Anywho, I hope everyone had a good and safe weekend!!

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