30 August 2010

2 weeks to go!

Actually.. Less than!

I picked up some of the invites provided by the gallery yesterday, painted five frames and continued to work on a couple more drawings for the show... I hate cutting it fine, but I sort of expected it.

I'm so nervous! Really nervous! 16 years of the loop! But I'm much more excited this time!

I remember having my senior show at NFA. We were all going nuts trying to finish last minute paintings. This time it's a little worse. Not only have I been working the last couple months, where as before I had an entire year! But this time it's about 3 times the amount of work.

I'm happy with most of the work. Ecstatic with a couple and just sort of lukewarm with a mild touch of dislike of one or two. I keep thinking of pulling them from the show, but I know I've always been my worst enemy and critic. We'll see what actually makes it to the walls!!

Anywho... Happy Monday!! xo

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