19 August 2010

What's Hot ... And Not

I know the fab Loobylu always took this on every week for a while, but I miss it...

What's hot?

At the moment, I am loving Twitter! I know! Who would have thought! It's been a great tool to really connect with people. Facebook is all fine and dandy, but with twitter I've been able to connect with heaps more artists and crafters locally and around the globe. Maybe it's just me.. But yeah hot!

Also EXTREMELY hot, True Blood!! Have you been watching the new season??? You should...

Elections. Hoping something wonderful happens and Tony Abbott is NOT voted in.

Not Hot...

Painkillers, Anti-inflammitories, and swollen knees.

Missing my bike heaps as I have been having to take public transport everyday to work now.

Elections. The slander. The commercials. The press. Tony Abbott. Speedos.

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