23 August 2010

Weekend Roundup

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

J and I had some good times this weekend! It was very mellow, but lovely...

Friday night home alone, I decided to make a Juicy Lucy for dinner. I'm tempted to tell you what it is, but it's just wrong... Here it is on Wikipedia. It was brillant. Just brillant.

Saturday was a nice mellow day. Chilled out at home most of the day, sat out by the fire for a couple hours with J and the boys. Finally took down some cool old hooks on the back of the shed that I'd like to reuse...

And that was followed by some late-night Rugby watching. I think I'm still tired from that!

Sunday, we got an early start (sort of) and headed to Jelly Bean Bikes. Check it out, that have custom colour single speed and fixed gear lovelies! I'm tempted to get one myself, but I'm going to hold out. I keep having to remind myself that a fixie won't be the best thing when we move to Wellington.

The rest of Sunday was filled with cooking, pickling carrots, and quite a bit of gardening! I've just planted the seeds for some cucumbers that will be able to grow in the veggie patch. Can't wait for PICKLES!!!

Happy Monday!

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