28 April 2010

*inspiration - lissy elle

Lissy Elle is a Canadian photographer I just recently discovered on Flickr.
I am so in love with these images.

I am constantly amazed with the new generation of photographers out there. This is the one time (and possibly ONLY TIME) that I'll say - This digital photography thing has really been amazing.. People have been able to learn a lot faster and progress their learning style so much quicker than in the past.

When I was learning photography, it was on film. It was in the darkroom. You had to wait and have patience. (well, I still do since I still shoot a lot of film)

It makes me think about the way kids learn in general these days. They think and learn more faster and faster where I start to feel more and more of the simpleton. I see myself feeling more and more as my Grandparents must have when we were kids...

*oh these new-fangled ___________* 
I'm sure of it.. my poor aging brain just doesn't work that fast anymore. 
bring on the oldness!

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