22 April 2010

*the wrath of DOG(s)

Yesterday was the first day we left Timmy and Bruce alone together to be free-range in the house. I was hoping they would be lovely little boys, had cleaned the bathroom, done the dishes, laundry, you know... maybe I'm expecting a little too much... :)

I arrived home from work, me and my bike still at the bottom of our front steps when J stepped out.

J - "Wanna see what they did?"
B - "Oh no. Bad?"
J - "Just come look."
B - "Oh no!"

I step inside to see an empty tube of toothpaste I had put into the bathroom rubbish bin, in the front entry way.

J - "Keep going..."
B - "Oh no!!!!!"

Down the hallway...

I can't help but think it's hilarious! Maybe only because I didn't REALLY like the pillow they attacked but

...*heheheheheee*      naughty puppies!       *hahahahaaa*


  1. Oh no!!! hahaha. I can't wait till I get a dog of my own :)

  2. Dogs are awesome! Of course, I'm pretty keen on any animal, but dogs are rad!

    Pleased to say though-no major damage done yesterday!! I was afraid we'd have to replace the couches!!