27 April 2010

*the weekend update

 I love long weekends. Even though I've been battling hay fever and a cold, it was still great. We had a couple walks with the boys, I did some drawing, cleaning, lots of yummy cooking, some work out in the backyard yesterday...

One of the coolest things that we do, that I am really starting to see benefits of, is composting. We have been trying to improve the soil quality in the veggie patch for about a year and a half now. I think it was once a sandpit, but it was sectioned off and nice and close to the back fence, so it seemed perfect! But the soil was so sandy and horrible. Yesterday we turned it, got two wheelbarrows of dirt from compost, which was a gorgeous black, luscious dirt - if dirt can be luscious! - added some rooster booster and turned the entire thing. I hope I hope I hope it works. I planted some zucchini and eggplant and replanted my chamomile. The more I'm out in the garden, the more I love it - except for the allergies...

I think we have sorted out the Zombie costume for this year's Zombie Shuffle!!! 
Something along these lines...
All class!!

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