14 April 2010

*inspiration - living with nature

I love all things wooden.

So after about a month of not seeing J (I was in the US and then he headed over to NZ) it's so nice to have him back in my life. Everything seems to be back to normal ... and better. I never thought my life would really be like this. When he was away, I loved having the time to myself, but once he was back I realised how much I missed him. There is just something comforting about having someone to cuddle with, laugh with, plan your life with. It's taken me this long to see it all, but now I do and it's wonderful. 

It's only Wednesday, but I'm looking forward to the weekend! We may be possibly adopting another child! We are going to start the search Saturday. I'm all about finding the perfect play-mate for Timmy. He's a special boy and needs some company. Fingers crossed! 

And hopefully Sunday will be nice enough to maybe clean out our firepit for the upcoming winter! And maybe have some lovely autumn coziness in the backyard with the hubby, the Timmy, the fire and a couple glasses of red...

happy wednesday!

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