29 September 2010

I've finally begun the battle!! Again.

My weight has always been a roller coaster type battle.. Eating out of boredom, a desk job for the last 2 years, too much drinking and evening snacking with the hubby.. It's all part of the problem. 

Now, I'm striving to get back a little closer to my normal weight - mainly due to the closet of vintage dresses and the threat of an upcoming summer.

I've pimped my iPhone with a couple weight management apps and hopefully I'll have a better idea of how to forge through it all. I'm determined to ride to work as much as possible, and since the weather has been a bit nicer, that's the easy part. 

On the food note - This Friday is World Vegetarian Day! It's a good chance to feel healthy and light all day! All of October is Vegetarian Awareness Month - so, all of you meat eaters - myself included - should give it a try! 

1 comment :

  1. Fitness Apps I use:
    - Swiss ball
    - Run Keeper
    - Weightbot

    But at the end of the day, 80% of the battle is won in the kitchen!