22 September 2010


It is OFFICIALLY Spring!

J and I spent a bit of time in the garden this weekend. We were able to overhaul the veggie patch and a couple of beds where we sadly ripped out a heap of capsicum plants. We have so much wonderful compost that we were able to mix in tons with the existing dirt.

(me getting potentially eaten by the boys)

I am really looking forward to getting in the garden this year!! 

We have a lot of wild herbs going in the garden as well! Lots of nettle, mint, and of course, dandelion. I made a tea this weekend that was just great! Nettle, calendula with a slice of lemon and teaspoon of manuka honey... So good, so refreshing! 

 And even though, most of garden is getting slightly over-run by clovers, I love the yellow!

And yes, our Aqauponics system is going really well! J has been taking good care of our little goldfish, which are growing rapidly! We had one death in the family, Dead Goldfish Number One was sick for a couple days, but he is in a better place now... 

We have some cos lettuce, broccoli and spinach slowly growing at the moment. I hope these really taken off when the weather warms up a bit!

I hope everyone enjoys the beginning of Spring! 
Or the start of Autumn back home!! 
Happy Ostara!

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