29 July 2010

Me on my bike vs. a car door...

So I have become a statistic.

Yesterday on my way to work, while riding my bike on my normal route through the city, someone opened their car door on me. It’s one of every cyclist’s worst nightmares. He threw his door open just at the right (or wrong) moment. I was in the bike path and while most people check their rear-view to see if there are any cyclists coming, he did not.

I couldn’t get out of the way in time and my handlebars caught the window frame. Granted I was only going about 20k/hr, but it was enough to throw me from my bike into the road. I’m so thankful that there wasn’t a car on the other side of me. So so so thankful…

I fell to my right side and all of my weight landed on my knee.

After that is kind of a blur. I know some people came to my side and helped me off the road. I remember Paul who sat with me the whole time and even waited for Jacob to get there… Thank you so much!!

The medics in the ambulance were awesome chicks and everyone at Royal Melbourne was fabulous. But I was so happy to see Jacob when he finally was able to get there.

Anyway. I’m on crutches pulling moves like Tucker.

I’m a picture of grace with my swollen knee, soft tissue damage and my fractured toe.

Thanks again!!

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