22 November 2009

*oh a week or so ago...

I've been slack at writing this week... Yikes! Sorry!

Well, a few things here and there have been going on. Mostly stuck at work - short staffed and stressed out. It's not the way I personally like to spend my time, but someone has to feed Timmy :)

Last night we headed out to the see the Women's Circus.

Our gorgeous friend, Erin, is a tumbler. Back flip Queen actually! It was a really good show! I have my favorite part still playing in my mind - think syncronized swimming meets flying - it was lovely! It was nice to learn a little more about the entire conception of the Circus as well. I'm really tempted to start training with them. I need to get back to beeing more physical and flexible. I think I need more than yoga.

The show is at the Living Museum of the West, Pipemakers Park on the Maribyrnong River from Thursday 19 November to Sunday 6 December.

Check it out if you can, and give your love to these amazing women! And cheer on Erin in all her backflip glory!

Another cool things this week - I'm borrowing a button maker from D&E. Love it! I've started making buttons made of fabrics and old maps and old drawings and actually will be making the buttons Aida will be selling at her show - which opens this Friday! Don't forget!!!

Some buttons :

Anywho, the Etsy shop has these, I will  be making more over the next few days - any requests, let me know!

Ok I'm off to start dinner and possibly finish a painting while listening to Andrew Bird or Sufjan Stevens... Ahh, good night planned!!

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