11 November 2009

*what's hot & not - the heat wave version

Yay! It's Wednesday! Almost the weekend, right??

Hotness :

Besides the heatwave we are having... I'm not sure if it's a plus or a minus yet.

Picking up on old projects : The Cork Board

I've been wanting to finish this for sometime.
My husband rocks at commonsense sometimes.. "Cut the bubbly corks in half with a utility knife..." he says. "Genius!" I say. But I still need at least twice as many to make it the size I want, looks like I have a lot of vino consuming to do!


Slowly expanding my sewing knowledge :
Ok. The zipper thing is STILL doing my head in... And lining??? Gah! I'm going to take a class soon at the Thread Den, ahh the basics. I am happy with the colours though. :)
That's pretty hot..


Feeding my addiction for True Blood : 
Yes. I love my library. I finally started reading the Sookie Stackhouse books that True Blood is based on. I'm really loving it! MUST.... READ....... MORE!!

I'm such a chick sometimes!

Not so hot:

Ok, yes the heat.
34C is a little too warm for me in November - December yes, but not yet! (94F degrees for reference) Apparently it'll cool down to 23C (74F) next week if we're lucky.

Husband's falling off their bicycles.
Last week, Jacob came home with roadburn on his arm, hand, and leg, a bruised hip and a bruised ego. He's all good, but it's also scary to hear that news nonetheless.

Melbourne's graffiti laws.
How is that people get harrased, arrested and detained when working on a comissioned piece on private property is beyond me. Evil.

Also, I know it's Veteran's Day back home and Remembrance Day here.... but it's also a few important people's birthdays!!

Happy 13th Birthday to my gorgeous and beautiful niece, Nikki! I'm missing her heaps right now!
Happy Birthday to the one and only Dunc!!! You boys are finally catching up in age!!


  1. I started and finished the Sookie Series.. last week? I think it was. Pretty fun reads. The violence is a little overwhelming when you read a book (or two) a day. They are made for more spacing between them I think.

    Hope you enjoy! :)

  2. The corkboard is looking cool (or should I say "hot"!)
    Hope the bike riding husband is doing ok. ouch.