13 January 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday!

1.   One of my favorite things to do when I have free time is just to relax. As soon as I have free time, I try and quiet my brain. Then, I either get out a book or get out the good old crocheting.

2.   When I have free time I tend to hop on the iPhone and try and catch up on Chess or Words with Friends, I'm a bit slow with it though.. 

3.  If I had an entire day completely to myself I would spend it like I do everyday. I actually have a lot of days to myself, but I try and fill it with day to day things. BUT, if it were up to me, I would spend the entire day reading a book and making coffees.

4.  I would prefer to spend my free time (alone or with others...)  alone actually. I love seeing my family and friends, but I adore my quiet time.

5.  Most of my free time happens without me knowing.

6.  The best thing about free time is that you can get to know yourself better.

7.  The next time I have free time I should probably do more around the house, but instead, I'll probably    faff around a bit, as Jacob calls it... or probably just updating my blog. 

Happy Friday the 13th!

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