22 January 2012

Dirt and worms

Yesterday, we cleaned out from behind Jacob's little shed. Beyond all the Wandering Willie, the random bits of rotten timber, a barn door, and a giant iron scrolled window bar... We found worms. And lots of them! 

There is actually concrete behind that little shed, underneath about 4 inches of solid dirt filled with any amazing amount of healthy worms! In our fantastic recycling fashion, we moved the dirt into our newly developed garden beds around the deck. Score! And we can now have the back of our shed again! 

Here are some photos of the rest of our adventures this week!
A lovely morning walk with the Dog Tales - Awoohooo!
Gardening and some recipes.
 Still Granny Squaring away and some new doodles.
Coolness today as we are going to be heading over to the Botanical Garden for a bit! I'm super excited! I haven't been there since my first ever trip to Welly! 

Have a good rest of your weekend!!

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