21 October 2011

Fill in the _____ Friday!

This was my last weekend - and will probably be this weekend too. Crochet. Beer. All Blacks. The life.

1. The most selfless thing I've ever done was moving countries to be with the one I love... even though I guess I did it for me as well... I guess that doesn't count as selfless.

2. When it comes to working out I'm hopeless. I'm all for exercise, but don't have the patience for actual workouts. I like to think riding my bike to work everyday, and covering about 125km per week is enough.

3. A woman should always be prepared. Wait. Is that Girl Scouts? Or Cub Scouts?

4. I wish I could fast forward through the moving process. I am learning a lot and am thankful I've been working as a Project Manager for the past couple years, but nevertheless, it's still stressful and nerve-wracking.

5. A best friend is my dearest husband. Seriously, don't know what I'd do without him. We pretty much do everything together, except for craft/girl group of course... But yeah seriously. BHF. Love you babe!

6. I can't get enough of tea at work and The Great New Zealand Songbook. I'm a geek.

7. This weekend I am see above. Watching the Rugby World Cup. GO ALL BLACKS!!!!! Crocheting, cleaning, and probably a little beering with friends... Woohooo!

Have a good weekend!!!

And again... GO ALL BLACKS! 

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