07 September 2011

Upcycling a set of Chairs

Jacob found these four amazing chairs on the street a couple months back. Since then, he has stripped them clean of any upholstery (which there were layers of), tacks, nails stuffing, springs, webbing... not to mention dust and  more mouse poo then most people can handle. 

He has done such a nice job so far! We're finally giving them a good sand, and just last weekend we were able to replace some of the supports that were missing. 

The sanding will keep us going for a while, not to mention filling in all of those holes from the gazillions of nails taken out. Not to mention, staining and varnishing. Then - yes - then I get to find the perfect fabric. Can't wait to have them around a big table (that we haven't built yet) in our new house in Welly!!!

1 comment :

  1. Love the chairs, the recycling the love that has been shown and also an opportunity to use the gazillion. You will be so missed.