19 August 2011

Brown Owls - A Crafty Parliament

Every other Wednesday night, a Parliament of Owls congregate at the Sporting Club over on little old Weston Street in Brunswick. It's always a lovely evening filled with drinks, tapas, chatter and a lot of crafting! 

I'm really happy I've been able to be apart of the group, as it's sometimes hard for me to get moving on a project because I may not fully understand or just don't have the time. But having the gals there to ask and putting that two hours aside has really pushed me to try new things and to really feel good about the things I'd like to accomplish. 

A little while ago, our little group was featured on a show called "Made by Hand" It's a lovely piece!! 

I'm hoping to start a NZ Brown Owls group once we get settled in Wellington, maybe after the New Year. I think for me that would be the best thing ever! Not only do I have to move to a new city - and country for that matter, but how amazing to start a group and meet more and new like-minded crafty people... Can't wait!

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