22 June 2010

*red bubble, books, and the doctor

After much coaxing from friends, I've set up my red bubble store :)

I do apologise for the lack of posts lately. Life has been utterly mad! But on a happy note, still drawing, still inspired, and for some reason - TOTALLY hooked on Doctor Who... 

I have NO idea how that happened, but it did.

i blame certain friends. you know who you are ;)

At first it was Christpher Eccleston, but then all of a sudden I got hooked on the 10th, and now the 11th??? 
When will the madness stop??? 

Also, a co-worker has loaned me a beautiful book.

I'm only about a quarter into it, and it's just beautiful. The only reason she loaned it to me, is because I went into the tea room one afternoon to heat up my lunch and she was reading it, teary eyed, and for the second time. Basically, the book ended and she started it up again from page one. That says a lot about a book. But yes, so far, it's absolutely lovely. 

Anyway. Hope everyone is well! Hopefully, I'll get back into my usual mode of blogging.


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