13 February 2014

They are getting so big! 14 months today!

Sorry in advance for a massive load of photos. Blame my family for living so far away... We don't, they do ;)

Hendrik has turned into the biggest sweetheart - and ladies man! Just yesterday he was sneakily getting cuddles from all the other mum's at our Multiples Playgroup... he's going to be a heartbreaker - just like his dad! 

And Hendrik officially has been given the title 'first to walk'! Last week at our family Waitangi Day BBQ, he took his first independent steps! So amazing! I don't know if I'm ready for it though! 

Gentle pats for Timmy.

And then there was Willem. Bit of a drama queen, but I can always rely on him for cuddles and first to get into trouble! 

Poor Timmy has lost his seat in the sun. 

And so the journey continues!

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