30 April 2012

Some Jamaican Inspiration - for cooking..

Last week, I had a craving.
BBQ Jerk Chicken.

Sadly, I have never been to Jamaica. But it looks amazing. 
Jerk Chicken. Rice and Beans (without the bean as I didn't have any in the pantry). And Creamed Silverbeet.

Step 1 : Cheat. 
While I know there are heaps of recipes for Jerk Chicken, this just happened to be tucked away just waiting to be used. And it is gooooood! Sometimes, it's good to cheat. 

Step 2 : Rice and Beans. 
I used this lovely recipe found here. It's easy as! Since I didn't have any kidney beans, I just threw everything in our trusty rice cooker and let it go. What did I learn from this recipe? It will be amazing with beans, and it'll be getting made more often. 

Step 3 : Creamed Silverbeet.
You can use any creamed spinach recipe for this and substitute silverbeet.
Yep. Easy as. 

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