29 December 2011

More painting!

I should be posting more, but the exhaustion from so much painting has been kicking in. We have been working full speed to get the rooms painted that we need before the furniture arrives... which is finally today!! 

So before, our bedroom was a weird yellow colour with pretty depressing green trim. Every room in the house has windows similar to these too. The have been a chore and after I doing this set, Jacob was sweet enough to do the rest. I'm a bit of a perfectionist with these sorts of things. Even though the windows are 3 meters up, they had to be perfect... Yeah, this room took us a week. Once Jacob took over, we've been able to bust through the rest of the house. Thank you my darling hubby!

And After...

The light fitting was found in the window seat!

This is when we were still sleeping on the floor. 6 weeks of camping mattresses...

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