07 November 2011

Moving on up... 15 days to go.

It's officially my last week at work. Finishing up, handing off clients to co-workers. Cleaning up my desk. Making sure I touch base with as many people as I can. Finalising as many details for the house as I can. Closing bank accounts, all that fun stuff.

I realised today, how much of a nervous wreck I actually am. I feel like I haven't been able to eat in days. My poor belly has been in knots. We have so many get-togethers and parties already, it's so hard to say farewell...

But progressing along, cleaning and donating heaps to Savers. It's been a good while since I've binge-cleaned the house. I've come across so many photos of family and friends and friends that are like family. But instead of getting all caught up in the memories, you just have to power on. 

So, power on. We're getting there. 

In just over two weeks, we will be sitting on our front steps, staring at the beautiful scenery of our private little valley. Power on. 

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