06 July 2011

It's National Fried Chicken Day!

So, somewhere, somehow (as a marketing ploy of course), someone proclaimed today as "National Fried Chicken Day". Granted this is probably more of an American day than anywhere else.

But before you go off to KFC to partake in such a strange day, please watch this.

Watch more videos at KentuckyFriedCruelty.com.

Ok. This is made me so angry the first time I saw it. While everyone is just getting into banning Live Export here in Australia, people need to realise that things like this have been going on for ages. There is almost no way to keep tabs on these slaughterhouses and abattoirs and the way animals are treated. Until the human race can treat other animals (and other human beings for that matter) humanely, I will not trust them to pretend that they are making the right decisions in the name of humanity.

I was vegan for a number of years and vegetarian after that. Now, I do eat meat and other animal products, but I try my best to pick ethically raised, slaughtered and free range animals and animal bi-products.

So please, if National Fried Chicken Day is part of your day, lick your fingers responsibly.

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