25 October 2010

Creatures of the Deep!

Hello gorgeous people!!!
Hope everyone had a good weekend! We had a great one!
  • Friday night, I saw Concrete Blonde at the Palace. Brilliant!! I so have a girl crush on Johnette, she is still so amazing. I'd be happy to have one ounce of her coolness when I am her age. Seriously. 
  • Saturday, we went to Ceres and bought some new seedlings from the garden. I know have a new rosemary and lavender in the garden! And a set of cukes! 
  • Saturday night, we did a little early celebrating for Duncan's birthday and saw Resident Evil - Afterlife in 3D. Not enough good zombie-ness, but the 3D was really well done.. 
  • Sunday, J and I slept in a little and he made pancakes (crepes, really) and we spent the rest of the day in the garden. It was a glorious day! 
I'm hoping my Echinacea makes it through a battle with some bugs! I think they are getting attacked by earwigs and white fly. I'm going to be diligent now, checking twice a day for bugs and spraying them with a little mild, soapy water. If anyone has any other ideas, I'm happy to hear them!!!

And - yes! Creatures of the Deep (an Etsy treasury) has featured my Drowning drawing. It is an original drawing too! 
Thanks to QueenandCorgi

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