24 March 2010

*east coasting

Back in Melbourne... 
Long flights, sleepness nights, a little drinking, roller skating, incredible friends and my beautiful family. 

Hello Boston. I've missed you!

The most fab friends come to visit!

The ceiling makes me happy.


I didn't fall at all!! Lucky socks helped. 

Family night... Playing a version of Trivial Pursuit printed in 1981. Not fair.

Gorgeous Sisters

Gas fires keep us warm while giggling about crazy waitresses.

Some nice alone time at Watch Hill.

More roller nights....

Happy Spring!!!

the 'rents.

my lil bro.

lill big sis and billy.

gorgeous nikki.

good morning australia. 

To all my family and friends back home...
Missing you heaps!! 


  1. Lovely Holiday snaps, looks like you had the best time! I love the photo of lil bro.

  2. Thanks hon! Good times and great oldies were had by all!